Love of reading

Colonial glass maker

Being a glass maker is hard work.The glass i work with has lots of sand and chemicals.Sometimes it gets in my eyes.Soda lime glass is really rare. The reason is because flint glass is a lot stronger and more clear.I always mess up  the peace of glass im working on. Ether I don’t have the right temperature or I use the wrong tools.I must cool the glass slowly if I don’t it will become brittle. I have to be very particular on the peace if i mess up have to start over  .Making glass is a hard long job of turning glass. I also have to mold it into the correct shape.My buyers want a specific shape. weather its a window or a pot its has to be perfect. one mistake and i start over.

Colonial leaders

Who is john winthrop? Was the leading figure in massachusetts.Lead a fleet of 11 vessels and 700 men. Served in boston.Served as governor for 12 terms.Became the first president of the confiedotain. Settled the city of boston. Delivered a sermon titled A model of christian charity.Increased the amount of his money to provide supplies.recorded the amount error that anne was teaching.sold his stuff  for the colony. Thats john winthrop.

The scare is not fare

It was a full moon and Halloween.Nothing really happens in Hawkins Indiana. Its never been a full moon and Halloween. stuff has been happening.weird stuff. I haven’t seen Will Byers at school.He’s my best friend plus iv’e seen a weird figure in the woods.Im afraid to go in there.I saw Will Byers at school today turns out he was just sick.The figure  jumped out at me.It was a big buff bully dressed as a mummy. He got me good.He lapped.I did to.but he wasn’t a bully he was nice.we were friends.will moved sortly after. That’s what happened in october.

Jamestown or plymouth

If i was with one of the settlements I would choose plymouth because I would have help by the indians and would make friends with them.I Would not die in the first month by disease.I would have weapons to hunt. I would have fresh water.I would have food and shelter.I would be in the first Thanksgiving. I would have been I history.


Hello you awesome people the day before yesterday was homecoming it was awesome my friends were there.So kyler was going to homecoming with natele He couldn’t make it so i was like you know what i keep her company and pulse she didn’t have a mum and this was at the pep rally. so my grandmother was like “she has to be your date” and i was like “uh um ok” so she was like “uhhh that’s kinda weird but ok” and then kyler couldn’t make it to the game so i was like dang that sucks  because natele had no date. I felt bad so i was like you know what i will tell her why kyler wasn’t the i said it was probably family stuff. The next day was a blast i saw mr. mac ,rode a train and mr.mac’s dad was driving I was bouncing in the bounce house.There was a fire game it was awesome i so won.I was with my grandma. I’m glad white oak won  the football game. i was sad my grandma had to leave. That brings us to today.Its been a good week end. it was crazy, fun ,existing , awesome ,very cool.Bye guys.

9/11 reflections



I was very sad and full of hate. when i first had been told this story I wanted to destroy whom ever wanted to hurt our country.I had told my my mom i wanted kill the leaders of the men that hurt our country.If I could hurt them back I would.If it happens again ill be ready. Its been 17 years since.Remember terrorists get ready because america’s coming for you.