9/11 reflections



I was very sad and full of hate. when i first had been told this story I wanted to destroy whom ever wanted to hurt our country.I had told my my mom i wanted kill the leaders of the men that hurt our country.If I could hurt them back I would.If it happens again ill be ready. Its been 17 years since.Remember terrorists get ready because america’s coming for you.

Life in 5th grade.

Hey guys and girls today i am talking about life in fifth grade. I like it but its hard very hard. Im only two weeks in to fifth grade. I like all my classes but 5th grade is so long .I don’t like that me have five classes.I like all of them but it feels like Im in there forever i don’t know if any one of you one of you guy did this one but in last period aka 5th period i almost fall asleep.I dont know why but guys im going to end the post here. Bye












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